New York First State To Ban Cat Declawing

Animal activist happy while others say it could make it harder for cats.

July 29, 2019
cats claws



I love animals. I've never understood why people chop off dogs tails, ears or in this case, with cats, declaw them! I figured God created them this way for a reason, long tails, claws and all. Well, in New York, if you are a cat owner, no longer will you be able to declaw kitty cat. 

New York has become officially the first state to ban pet owners from declawing their cats. The bill was signed into law by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo last week. Advocates of the bill hope this move by New York will have a domino effect and other states will follow the ban.

There are cities like Los Angeles and Denver that have similar local laws in place, but New York is the first state to do so.

Cuomo wrote in a prepared statement about the new law, “By banning this archaic practice, we will ensure that animals are no longer subjected to these inhumane and unnecessary procedures.”

PETA and The Humane Society have opposed the declawing of cats saying “Declawing is a violent, invasive, painful, and unnecessary mutilation that involves 10 separate amputations – not just of cats’ nails but of their joints as well...declawing is both painful and traumatic, and it was been outlawed in Germany and other parts of Europe as a form of cruelty.”

The voices against the ban say this may be worse for cats and owners. Some doctors say that "their patients have their cats declawed when they are immuno-compromised, diabetic, hemophiliac, on immune suppressing medication, and for various other medical reasons. ... These cat owners should not need to face relinquishment or euthanasia of their pet because the option to declaw cats is unavailable."

The Veterinary Medical Society fears this ban on declawing could potentially increase the harm to some cats, causing them to be abandoned or put to sleep unnecessarily. 

What do you think? I hope cat lovers agree with this ban. I can't fathom doing this declawing to my doggies why would I do it to a kitty cat? ~grace