Meet Grace Disney's Animal Kindgom's New Baby Gorilla

Guests at the park can see baby gorilla Grace!

May 3, 2019

Getty Images


I really love animals and the Animal Kindom at Disney World is one of my favorite parks to visit! I got so excited to hear they had a new baby gorilla born and they named her 'Grace' and she is beautiful! 

One of things I love about animal parks is they really do bring attention to the plight of many of our wild animals and how we have to care for them because they are endangered. This is how Grace was born. 

Grace was born to mother Kashata and father Gino, who were selected to breed as part of the Species Survival Plan overseen by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. 

While I would love to think that the Animal Kingdom cast members are hardcore Grace Vasquez of Sunny FM fans and hence why they named their new western baby gorilla girl Grace, they actually got the name from the GRACE gorilla sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is dedicated to helping gorillas orphaned by poaching. Oh, heart be still. I love this little gorilla even more now. 

I will definitely be making a special trip to say hi and see my namesake Grace and her family on the Gorilla Falls Exploration trail at the Animal Kingdom. Hope you do too. ~grace