You Can Get A Beer Drinking Internship

How would you like to drink beer all summer and get paid?

May 14, 2019
drinking beer

Extreme Media


When I did my college internship it was free but then again, I worked at the university's public TV station. Well, here's a paid gig and something I think many college students may consider themselves "experts" in the subject: beer drinking!

Beer company Natural Light is searching for 'The Natty Light Summer' intern. The intern will spend the summer sipping beer, creating vlogs, and creating social media content (pretty much what college kids do anyway right?). The intern will attend various summer events representing the beer as an ambassador! Wow, that's a fancy way of saying you have to be a salesperson and push your product. 

The details: intern must be at least 21-years-old and should be social media savvy. The listing specifies that the intern must "be outgoing, but not annoying" adding that "there is a fine line."  I agree, this personality trait could eliminate a lot of college students. The company is accepting applications through May 26th. 

Now, here's a question as Natural Light is searching for an intern, so far, no word on if they have to be attending college and more importantly, is there an age LIMIT? If not, oh boy, the competition just got stiff. ~grace