Everyday Noises That Drive You Crazy

The list varies from loud chewing to a default ring tone on a phone.

February 11, 2020
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What everyday noises drive you crazy? A question that garnered a variety of responses on REDDIT. I think back in the day, when chalk boards were the norm, that chalk screeching sound drove us all crazy! But now, the noise that gets on your last nerve varies. I think mine is up there with mouth noises. I have to have music or the TV on so I don't hear you chew! UGHHH! ~grace

Here are ten that stood out . . .

1.  Other people’s mouth noises.  Like loud chewing, sucking, or snapping gum.

2.  Hearing your dog or cat puking.

3.  Utensils scraping on a plate, or across your teeth.

4.  A balloon being rubbed.

5.  A dog licking itself.

6.  An old pencil eraser that’s so worn down, it squeaks.

7.  Smoke alarms.

8.  The default ring tone on your phone.

9.  Styrofoam rubbing across more Styrofoam.

10.  The sound a leather chair makes when you move around on it, because it sounds like you passed gas.