FaceApp Causing Existential Crisis For Some

The aging app is making people suddenly take stock on their life.

July 18, 2019



I've always thought of aging gracefully (no pun intended). One of the things my mom said to me growing up, "You can always tell when an older person has had a good life; they age gracefully and have a sweetness in their face." Well, thanks to this FaceApp that ages you, you have an idea of how sweet or not sweet, your face (or maybe your life) will appear when you reach a golden age. While this latest social media craze comes with some privacy problems, a bigger problem could be it's plunging many into depression. How much fun is that FaceApp now?

People have been sharing the results on social media and while the pics are fun to view, many are making comments that have others questioning their life.

‘FaceApp is scary,’ wrote South African Twitter personality Christo Thurston. ‘It is a prophet of doom.’ Some even plunging them into a mini existential crisis questioning what they've done with their life. Seriously?

Another Twitter user added: ‘This FaceApp stuff is all fun and games until you have an existential crisis and realized that you and everyone you know will become old and die."  Aww, don't you hate death? 

So, I reiterate how much fun is that FaceApp now?  ~grace