A Stranger Comforts A 96-Year Old Woman During Her First Flight

A man befriends this elderly woman even holding her hand during the flight.

August 9, 2019
elderly person



In today's climate where it feels like there's a lot of HATE everywhere; I still have faith in humanity. Most of us are still kind and caring with each other when it comes down to the level of our immediate community, work, family or just helping a stranger that may need help.

This story is a perfect example of that kindness that still runs through all of us. 

Megan Ashley witnessed a complete stranger became a source of comfort for a 96-year-old woman who was apprehensive about her first flight in 15 years. Ashley shared the tender story on her personal Facebook page and even snapped some pics of the new friends.

Ashley said she was flying from San Diego to Nashville when she overheard the sweet encounter.

This gentleman even looked out for the elderly woman as she had to make her way to the restroom. He held her hand through the flight and comforted her during the turbulance.

Beautiful story isn't it? All I can add is 1) there is still hope for mankind; 2) there are still gentlemen and 3) if I could hug your parents right now sir, I would! Good heart. ~grace