Florida DMV Is Selling Your Personal Info

Local investigation finds DMV selling personal information to private companies, management firms.

July 11, 2019
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When I read this headline my mind went straight to "BLOWN" mode! When we give our personal information to a public government office I assumed, silly me, that it was private. Well not only is it not private but now one Florida government office is making money off of it. Wait, where's my cut?

Tampa Bay WFTS news I-Team "investigator Adam Walser obtained records showing the state sold information on Florida drivers and ID cardholders to more than 30 private companies, including marketing firms, bill collectors, insurance companies and data brokers in the business of reselling information." Whoa what? 

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles raked in more than $77 million for driver and ID cardholder information sales in fiscal 2017. How exactly did the DMV do this without permission or did we give them permission and didn't even know it?

Read more about this investigation and what you can do about it here

Well, that explains why I get so many robocalls. Not cool DMV, not cool. ~grace