Florida Firefighters Rescue Puppy With Head Stuck In Cinder Block

Why we love our firefighters!

April 25, 2019

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images


Another reason I say our pets are like children, you can't take for granted they won't get into mischief or even harm themselves in their own yard!

Meet Fifi!  A puppy playing and sniffing around her backyard got too enthusiastic and oh boy, got stuck in a cinder block! Her family called the St. Johns fire department and they came to save Fifi. Fortunately, firefighters used the hydraulic tool to break the block into pieces and Fifi was freed unharmed. 

Our firefighters are awesome! They not only rescue people from burnng buildings, cats from trees but yes, even our curious doggies stuck in the weirdest places. 

Whew thank God for firemen! ~grace