Florida Lawmakers Considering Banning Sunscreen Bans In The State

Key West has a sunscreen ban to protect the coral reefs.

November 6, 2019
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I've never been a fan of using sunscreen myself probably because I don't worship the sun so I'm rarely outside for hours. However, I have many friends who burn easily and if it wasn't for sunscreen protection their skin would be in far worse shape. Well, Florida lawmakers are now considering banning any city's ban on sunscreen, like Key West. 

Key West has banned sunscreens that contain certain chemicals that could harm the local coral reefs. Key West of course, a huge tourist area, like most of Florida but the area is a favorite of divers. 

So now the battle lines have been drawn: local governments vs. state government; environmentalists vs. dermatologists. What is more important saving the coral reefs from bleaching or skin cancer? 

News 6 reports a bill sponsored by Sen. Rob Bradley has been approved in two committees and has one more stop before reaching the full state Senate. Meanwhile, an identical House bill will make the first of three committee stops today. 

The Key West sunscreen ban is around the sale of the chemical oxybenzone or octinoxate ifound in some sunscreens. The Key West sunscreen ban kicks-in in 2021.

My question is can a sunscreen be made without this harmful chemical? Are there other options? Keeping your skin safe is important but not harming local coral reefs is also important. If there are other options, and they work, then maybe this ban on the ban of sunscreens is unnecessary. Tough call. ~grace