Florida Man Drives Car Standing Through Sun Roof

Drive said he was praising God.

May 13, 2019



Just another day in Florida right? Drivers in Miami caught this 70 year old man standing through his car's sun roof while traveling on cruise control on I4. Crazy right? Wait for it, it gets better.

An elderly Florida man who said he was having problems with his wife was caught on video Tuesday standing through the sunroof of his white Cadillac sedan as it sped down a local highway.

Leonard Olsen, 70, of Lakeland, Florida, was arrested Tuesday afternoon when an off-duty Hillsborough County sheriff deputy shot the video of Olsen's bizarre and dangerous behavior while driving next to him on Interstate 4 near Lakeland. The off duty officer contacted the state highway patrol. The off-duty deputy said he clocked Olsen traveling as fast as 100mph around 2.30 pm before he suddenly slowing down to 40mph during the dangerous trip.

When troopers finally caught up with Olsen, he told them he was praising God. He later explained he was having problems at home and said he wanted to turn himself in because he’d rather go to jail than go home to his controlling wife.

Ask and you shall receive. Olson was arrested and taken to jail and is facing a misdemeanor charge for reckless driving.

Lesson of the story: there are safer ways to show God gratitude and maybe he should pray for a less controlling wife and a little common sense while he's at it. Yikes! ~grace