Former Orlando News Anchor Wendy Chioji Dies From Breast Cancer

Wendy was a local anchor for twenty years who battled breast cancer since 2001.

October 8, 2019
Brad Haynes



When I made Orlando my home in 2000, meeting so many of the local media people was exciting, especially those TV news anchors that were seen as celebs. Wendy Chioji was one of those news anchors. 

I don't recall what year it was I actually met her but I remember her being very nice and funny.

I know I have a photo with her in my box of radio memories and now I'll have to search through it.

I was surprised to hear of her sudden departure but it made sense since she had announced that she was battling breast cancer (2001) and wanted to really live.

And live she did. 

I followed her on Twitter and her life these last few years was exciting. You know, the kind of person you can live through vicariously? That was Wendy. Just check her blog, "Wendy Chioji Live Fearlessly."

Wendy Chioji, a former news anchor at WESH-TV, then hosted a TV series called "Growing Bolder," which aired on WKMG-TV News 6.

Alan Chiogioji, Wendy's brother, made the announcement that Wendy died Monday night at the age of 57 after her well-documented battle with cancer on his personal Facebook page.

"My beautiful, strong, defiant, bad-ass sister, Wendy Chioji, lost her fight with cancer tonight. From climbing mountains, to participating in triathlons, to traveling the world, she lived everyday to the fullest. She never let her disease stop her from doing the things that she wanted to do. She is my hero, and I miss her already."

Marc Middleton, Chioji's former colleague, shared his thoughts about her on Facebook.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and today, we lost one of our most fierce warriors.

RIP Wendy and thank you for teaching many how to live...fearlessly. ~grace