Gender Neutral Words To Rename Berkeley's City Codes

Words like 'manhole' will now be 'maintenanceholes.'

July 18, 2019



Sigh. I usually am very patient person but I think I'm at my wits end with this gender relabeling movement. There are two sexes: male or female. Yet, now with this gender relabeling you would think (excuse me but I'm about to use a word that some may find offensive) that mankind has already evolved into several genders. Spoiler Alert: We Haven't! 

Here's the latest from the "we have several genders' community and it starts with the very forward thinking city of Berkeley, California. The Berkeley City Council voted Tuesday to amend its municipal code to excise gender-specific terms in favor of gender neutral ones, meaning that, among other things, a “manhole” will soon be known as a “maintenancehole." Wait, it doesn't end there. 

Other words that have been targeted are titles like “craftsmen” the city will use the words “craftspeople” or “artisans,” “firefighters’ instead of “firemen,” and “repairers” instead of “repairmen.”

(Berkeleyside furnishes the full list of terms here.)

Here's the problem I have, isn't it common sense when speaking of a title of a person, such as policeman, if it is a woman, we know to say policewoman. Geez, didn't we have a show in the 70's literally called "Police Woman" with a strong female character? 

Seriously, does the city of Berkeley not have larger problems to deal with than "gender neutralizing" the verbage used by city employees? I think they do but that may require effort on behalf the council MEMBERS to actually do their job! Sigh. Just my opinion. ~grace