Going To A Concert Does More Good Than Yoga

At least that's what a new study says!

March 28, 2018



I've always been a fan of yoga. My interest began when I was a teen seeing yoga shows on PBS. The key is finding a great yoga teacher and class you enjoy.

Well now research finds that a concert is actually better for you than yoga. Hmm, not sure I'm buying this but okay, I'll bite. How is a concert, loud music, crowds and smoke better for our health than yoga?

Researchers had volunteers wear heart rate monitors and sent some to a live concert, others to a yoga session, and others to walk their dog.

Psychometric tests carried out before and after the activities shows those who attended the concert for 20-minutes had a higher level of “wellness” than the other participants. University of London researchers say those who attended the show had a mood boost of 21%, while those who did yoga saw a 10% increase, and those who walked their dogs saw a 7% increase.

Previous research has linked high levels of well being with a lifespan increase, so, according to these scientists going to a concert a week could potentially lengthen your life ten years. Wow! 

Now grant it you may live longer but you'll also probably be hard of hearing and a bit broke because concerts ain't cheap baby! 

Hmm. Thank you for the info but I'll stick to yoga and quite honestly, walking my doggies brings me the most happiness. My heart rate always goes through the "ruff" (see what I did there?). ~grace