Great News: Science Says Chocolate Fights A Cough Better Than Rx Meds

Finally medicine that tastes good!

January 10, 2019
chocolate candy


Wait...I'm still jumping for joy here! Chocolate is better for your cough than cough medicine? Seriously? Somebody pinch me!

One of my food weakness has always been chocolate. I only enjoy it during special occasions or the holidays. I do not allow any in my home because I find it hard to stay away from but now, I may have to stash some away for medicinal purposes of course! Hallelujah!

According to Dr. Alyn Morice, a professor and respected authority on related cough and respiratory conditions, says melted chocolate protects and coats the throat nerve endings damaged by coughing,

Now we've been taught warm drinks help soothe our sore throats right? So naturally, chocolate, drink, hot cocoa? The good Dr. says nope!  Dr. Morice says "the liquid doesn’t have enough long-term clinging contact with the nerves to be effective. She advises sucking on a piece of chocolate and letting it melt slowly to coat your throat."  Whoa it's like the doctor has been in my head!

Being in radio, sore throats and coughs is our worse nighmare but now, I'm armed with science and a bag of chocolate to keep my throat healthy! Yes! ~grace