Hill’s Pet Nutrition Food Recalled Over High Vitamin D Levels

A popular brand of dog food is recalled after reports of dog illness.

February 6, 2019



One thing we do with all our dog food is take a photo of their number just in case there is a recall on their food. Our furry kidz rely on us to make sure their food is okay for them to eat just a we watch out for recalls on the food we place on our table. Well, here is the latest recall and it is a very popular dog food. 

Hill’s Prescription Diet And Science Diet have 25 products combined that are now off the shelves. The issue is “excessive” amounts of Vitamin D. Dogs who eat too much vitamin D can experience vomiting, loss of appetite, increased thirst, frequent urination, excessive drooling and weight loss, according to the FDA. Some pups may experience liver failure.

Dry food wasn’t affected, just the wet.

Thought Hill’s hasn’t said that any dogs died, “Washington Post” journalist Caitlin Gibson shared online that hers did after eating the dog food and several people posted to Hill’s social media pages to share that their pets died as well.

Details of the recall are here. To keep your pet safe, periodically check the FDA website for pet product recalls

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