How To Get A Burger King “Dogpper” - A Whopper For Your Dog

It’s a “flame grilled bone” that’s supposed to taste like a burger.

November 30, 2018



Nothing worse than showing up with yummy hot hamburgers from your fave fast food joint and your doggies are like, "Mom, Mom, Mom...what you bring me?" Tail wagging full speed! Thank you Burger King for coming up with a brilliant idea, a doggie treat that's like a burger! 

 Burger King has come out with “The Dogpper,” a “flame grilled bone” they say is a dog-friendly alternative to their Whopper burger.

It’s supposed to taste like flame-grilled beef, but how would we know, they’re “not safe for human consumption.” The only way to get one for your pooch is through DoorDash and it’s free when you order a Whopper and use the promo code DOGPPER through December 4th.

I think this would make an awesome Christmas gift for my furry kidz!

Who's a good boy? Burger King is; good boy!! ~grace