Hurricane Isaias is now a Cat 1.

Preparedness and track hurricane LIVE.

July 31, 2020
hurricane florida



The Tropical Storm is now a Cat 1 hurricane. If you are new to the area best thing to know is while our local weather gurus are amazing in trying to predict a storms route, one never knows until it's at our doorstep. So best to be prepared and keep on top of what the storm is doing. Those of us who have lived here for decades or life, we know the drill and what to do so get busy.

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When we moved here in 2000 I had no idea what to do when a hurricane was coming. The first thing I learned is don't panic! You basically want to prepare in case you lose electricty, or something happens that water is contaminated and depending on your home and where you live, it's up to you to prepare it as well.

For help answering any of your questions in PREPAREDNESS for a hurricane, click here News 6

Stay on top of the news and just be aware of weather as it can change instantly. God Bless. ~grace