Five Reasons To Celebrate Being Left Handed!

Happy Left Handers Day!

August 13, 2019
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What is it about being left-handed that has good and bad connotations? Personally, I've always wanted to be left-handed. I don't know why. So clearly, when I read an article on "Five Reasons To Celebrate Being Left Handed" I clicked on it! 

Today August 13 is Left Handers Day. Now did you know that only 13% of the population is left handed? So bam! right off the bat, you are unique.

Another neat little fact is lefties use the right hemisphere of the brain-- which controls movement in your left hand along with emotional expression, spatial awareness, creativity and imagination. Having this right brain dominance makes the lefty person more likely to be a visual thinker and excell in activities that involve hand-to-eye coordination. 

The stereotype that being left handed makes you clumsy. Well, you may not be so graceful if you were forced to use tools and supplies made for right-hand dominance. How well do you write when asked to write with your left hand if you're right-hand dominant? 

As a result of this left-hand discrimination, there are now tools, supplies all made for the lefty!

Some folks are intimidated by left-handers there's actually a phobia named: Sinistrophobia is the fear of things at the left side or left-handed people. Seriously?  

One more feather in your hat for all of you lefties. It’s been said that lefties are “more intelligent, better looking, and talented” than righties. I don't know if that's true and it may have been started by a left handed person. So, if you stop and think about it, that was quite CREATIVE of them to spread the, fact! 

Here's my favorite left-handed celebrity! Heart be still! 

Here's a list of celebrities that are left handed! ~grace