List Of Dangerous Children's Toys Banned

We grew up playing with some pretty dangerous toys but many are banned now.

June 8, 2018



I loved my Easy Bake Oven. My brother loved it more; he baked everything in one night. Thank goodness mom improvised and helped me bake some other items. Did I get burn every now and then with that really stronglight bulb. Oh yeah. We never once thought it was dangerous though. Well, apparently, it is and it made this list of "8 Most Dangerous Toys Banned." Aww.

Now my parents gave my brother a very dangerous gift it was a beginners chemistry set. This thing would fold out and had all sorts of chemicals and we had to use bunson burners! Funny thing is he could have easly started a fire or worse. Thank goodness he was inept at chemistry. 

What crazy dangerous toy did you play with as a kid?

And did it make the list like my "Easy Bake Oven?" ~grace