Local Shelter Rescues German Shepherds From Hoarding Case

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando needs our help.

January 9, 2019
German Shepherds



If you don't know this about me I love animals but I especially love dogs. My favorite breed, German Shepherds. We did own two but we had to say goodbye to our big boy in '17 and I still miss him. However,  we rescued a pup that was kept in a closet along with the rest of the liter. She weighed only 11 pounds at 7 months. I'm proud to say my girl is now a healthy 35 pounds and keeps our other 80 pound German Shepherd on her toes! So of course when I read that Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando made a trip to rescue 21 German Shepherds I knew I had to help in some form to get the word out.

WKMG LOCAL 6 reports that nearly two dozen German shepherds are recovering at the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. The GSD's were rescued from a hoarding situation and they are asking for the community for help. 

Pet Alliance made a quick decision to help with these beautiful GSD's. "The 21 pups now in Central Florida are just a fraction of the more than 300 that were removed from a breeding and hoarding situation in Metter, Georgia. Officials from the Atlanta Humane Society said the dogs were kept in extremely unsanitary conditions and because of that, are facing a variety of medical ailments."

The dogs are not quite ready for adoption as they have to be assessed for any health problems. However, if you are interested in providing a forever home to one of these great doggies Pet Alliance is asking you to keep checking the shelter's website to see when the dogs are posted there because there is no wait-list for the animals.

I would love to help foster if not adopt one of these doggies but right now, my little rescue is just coming around to feeling confident at home so not sure introducing a new doggie would be wise however, I will help in others way be it donating or getting the word out. So, Those interested if you could donate please do so through Pet Alliance's clicking here.

Animals are truly a gift and they bring us so much joy. It breaks my heart when they are mistreated. ~grace