Making Your Bed Could Have A Huge Impact On Your Mood

If you complete this one simple task in the morning, you're setting yourself up for a productive day.

January 8, 2019
messy bed



If you haven't seen the inspirational video of the University of Texas at Austin 2014 Commencement Address  by Admiral William H. McRaven I'll post it for you because that was the first time I heard about how just making your bed was so important to getting your day started on the right foot. I have always been bad at making my bed at the start of my day but these last few days into 2019 I have been making the effort and I have to tell you, there may be somthing to this "make your bed" theory.

According to a recent survey by OnePoll and Sleepopolis, people who make their beds every day tend to be adventurous, social, and confident morning people. Doesn’t sound like you? Maybe you should try making your bed every day. And even if making your bed doesn’t turn you into the class president you once were, it can certainly set you up to feel a little better about yourself as the day goes on.

Just by making your bed, you’ve put your mind into a task-completing mood. Not to mention how good you’ll feel coming home to a tidy-looking room. Use your made bed as a reminder that you did SOMETHING productive today, and tomorrow can only be better!

I'll be honest, not sure I'm quite there yet in the "productive" part but I do know, when I get home these last few days, seeing my bed made did indeed make me feel good! Tackling one small task at a time is my goal this year. ~grace