Oregon Man Now Carves Foam Pumpkins For Art Display

Talented man got tired of seeing his pumpkin art rot so changed to foam.

October 29, 2019

I have never carved a pumpkin! I'm shocked at myself! When I see how some of these Halloween carved pumpkins are so awesome I'm like, "Eh, how hard can it be?" Well, I think I can do the triangle eyes and maybe the mouth but what this Oregon man does to the pumpkins, that is art! 

Brook Rice of West Linn, Oregon, first carved a pumpkin like most dad's when his daughter had a pumpkin carving contest at her school. And that's when he discovered he had a knack for carving pumpkins. The only problem was because pumpkins are organic they don't last. So Rice not only got better at his craft but with the right tools was able to carve foam pumpkins.

Now his collection includes around 200 pumpkins, which he plans to display for free.

"I just want people to show up and have a good time. That's all. I'm not benefiting monetarily. I donate some of my pumpkins to charity. I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction just looking at the, the looks on people's faces, especially the kids," Rice said. Now that is one sweet Halloween treat! ~grace