Melt-Resistant Ice Cream

March 27, 2018
ice cream, melted ice cream



Ice Cream! Who doesn't love ice cream. The best part of enjoying ice cream is to enjoy it before it melts on you. Well, now scientist say no worries, they've developed a new ice cream that no longer melts. Hmm?

The secret, according to scientist is banana plant waste. Oh, banana plant waste. Okay. Wait what?

Columbian researchers Dr. Robin Zuluaga Gallego and Jorge A. Velásquez Cock teamed with scientists from the University of Guelph in Canada and said their new concoction will last longer, but it’s creamier and potentially even healthier than your typical frozen treat. Okay, I'm listening.

Who knew that scientist around the world have been trying to figure out how to keep ice cream from melting. Was this a problem?

Japanese scientists developed a melt-resistant ice cream using polyphenol compounds from strawberries, but never before has a compound been found to improve the creaminess and texture of low-fat ice cream as well, until now. The researchers think this could mean big-time changes to a huge industry.

American's love their ice cream. According to the US Department of Agriculture, the United States alone produced 1.3 billion gallons of ice cream in 2016.

I can see that. Let's just say, the ice cream industry has a lot of my money. And I'm A-Ok with it...melted ice cream or not. ~grace