Men Reveal What Makes Them Lose Interest

Some men have taken to social media to reveal the things that cause them to suddenly lose interest.

January 25, 2019



Remember that movie "He's Just Not That Into You?" where the male character was helping out the female character understand the games men play? I remember everyone talking about it like wow, men secrets were revealed! What is it about relationships that can drive us crazy at times? 

Now with social media you can get that male perspective on just why he may not be "that into you"  and while it is free, it may also be brutally honest! 

Thought Catolog listed them but here's some of the more interesting replies from men and why they walk away from a relationship. Proceed with caution! ~grace

  • “Telling me that so many guys are chasing her or want to go out with her, that just makes me uninterested as it makes me feel inadequate because no one is chasing me.”
  • “If getting drunk and high is their only personality”
  • “Social media obsessed. Cant you just stop taking f**king selfies and stop updating your page for one outing. Instant mood killer.”
  • “Besides smoking. If she can’t seem to remember anything I tell her, I take it as lack of interest.”
  • “Smoking. A woman can tick all the boxes I can think of, but if she turns out to be a smoker, I’m out.”
  • “Duck face photos online. Instant nope. ‘I’m a gifted photographer.’ Yep, So is every other girl I’ve seen with a camera.”
  • “Constantly apologizing for things, not because they did anything wrong, but because they are extremely insecure.”
  • “When she shames you for being sexually attracted to her and wanting to be intimate with her (have sexual urges for her) or when she says 'All you want me for is sex.' I don’t deal with that type of manipulation, and when it happens the love is gone.”
  • “Complaining …ugh”
  • “Finding out she doesn’t like kids. Was into this girl until I found that out, and instantly lost any feelings for her. (Well, mostly. She still has amazing cleavage, and I’m only human).”