Millennials Bringing The Mustache Back?

Are Millennials more accepting of facial hair?

October 8, 2019
male mustache



Full disclosure I love facial hair on men. However, I like it when it's neat and well taken care of, and not the lumberjack (nothing against lumberjacks) long, out of control beards. So according to a couple of reports the millennial male is attracted to bringing the mustache back. Awesome! But, it's going to be neat right? Not that flippy out-of-control thing growing above your lip? Please, I hope not.

I understand fashion and styles I get it, they're trends. Hey I lived the 80's and they were pretty out there as well. Well according to the New York Post, many millennial men have begun shaving the lumberjack beard but leaving behind that 'stache. An homage to the 70's 'stache? Yup, according to one barber.

37 year old Russell Maxwell says the 'stache is indeed back! Maxwell owns two eponymous barbershops in Brooklyn and has worked in groomingthe grooming business for two decades. “I think the beard has eased off,” he tells The Post. “The ’stache is the new thing.”

Matthew Fowler of "We Are Millennials" wrote a blog on the mustache controversy, giving us a great little history and a variety of polls on the subject. Wow, all over a mustache? Yup. Fowler said in his experience most women don't like a mustache because of the way it feels on their face. Hmm, kinda like stubby unshaved legs I imagine! 

So how long will this 'stache trend last? Who knows. It is after all the Millennials we're talking about. But hey, its their generation to have fun so have at it! All I ask is just keep it neat and clean please! Ala Tom Selleck!

I'll be honest, still waiting for the 'Miami Vice' Crockett look to come back! Heart be still. ~grace