A Mom Is Charging Family For Christmas Meal

Great idea or "bad mom"?

November 29, 2018
holiday dinner



Having just gone through Thanksgiving dinner, in our house we split up the duties. Growing up, my mom did it ALL! How in the world did she do this? So when I read a mom decided to charge her family for dinner while I chuckled initially, on second thought, why not? That's a lot of work and a lot of money to feed people for any holiday dinner.

A woman posted on the British parenting website Mumsnet about her mother-in-law planning to charge each family member who comes to her house for Christmas lunch $21.

Her mother-in-law decided to have the holiday lunch catered this year instead of cooking and wants the money to cover the higher cost. The woman herself isn’t actually going because she’ll be with her family, but her husband had been planning to go to his mom’s and is very upset with her asking for money.

She actually has some sympathy for her mother-in-law, while still being critical, saying, “I can see it from both sides and it’s hard work and can be expensive, but it’s not like she is financially destitute.”

The responses to the post were mixed, with some people horrified by the idea, with one writing, “It you can’t afford it, don’t invite people,” while others said they didn’t think it was unreasonable, with one defender saying, “I think it’s fair to be honest; why should she have to cover the cost every year.”

Hmm. I can see both sides but if mom decides to charge, now you know going over to grandma's for the holidays. Nothing in life is free. NOTHING! ~grace