Moms Are Flying Off Solo For 'Momcations'

A new trend for moms taking vacays without the fam!

October 4, 2019



Some of my friends take solo vacations without the family or significant other and I so envy them! I don't know if I have it in me to do it. But if it's something you can do, then you are in sync with a new trend among moms anyway, taking solo vacations without the family aka 'momcations.'

The hashtag #momcation has been seen on 48,000 posts on Instagram. Photos of moms just enjoying life!  Photos from moms just "gazing out on city skylines in sexy going-out tops, moms perching on boats atop aquamarine seas or moms sitting seaside, drinking cocktails of out coconuts."

While the photos show a lot of relaxed moms it does come with some anxiety and guilt says solo female travel expert Gemma Thompson, who blogs at

“There is a lot of anxiety about leaving the kids at home — the good, old-fashioned mom guilt,” says Thompson, who lists Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Scotland, Florida and upstate New York as especially hot destinations for moms.

I know my mom, a stay-at-home-mom, always said dads can relax after work or even the weekend, but moms never have a day off. If my mama was still with us, she would definitely do a 'momcation' in fact, I'd join her. Moms deserve 'momcations!' Enjoy your time to yourself moms; guilt free! ~grace