Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2019

Is your costume on the list of Most Popular Halloween 2019 Costumes?

October 31, 2019
Grace Vasquez

Grace Vasquez


We look forward to Halloween each year but I'll be honest trying to find a costume that's scary and different from the year before is always a challenge. This year, we didn't have a Halloween party but we attended one and we dusted off our dead bride and groom costumes! The classic Halloween costumes are still popular but what tops the list? Well according to Spirit Halloween store these were the popular costumes so far this year.

VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS were the hottest selling this year. So if you're not a gamer (and I'm not) you'll see many characters you'll have no idea what or who they are like me! Fortnite is leader anyone surprised? Nope. 

"STRANGER THINGS" series on Netflix was the next most popular selling costumes. I'm a fan of the series. The hubby and I thought about going as the couple working the ice cream shop with the Navy uniforms and sailor hats! Too funny! 

TV FAVORITES like the office is still huge for Halloween. 

ANIME HEROES pretty popular with the kids so you'll see a lot of these characters out tonight! 

CLASSIC HORROR costumes are still a favorite! I know they are for me! I love the vampire and witch! The hubby is all about clowns or zombies! 

Grace Vasquez
Grace Vasquez

Whatever you decide to dress up like this year or any Halloween the point is to have fun! I love Halloween parties because the costume a person chooses is always interesting especiallly when they put in a lot of time to bring it together! Happy Halloween from your forever ghoul!  ~grace