Celebrate National K9 Veterans Day

Military dogs get their day to be honored.

March 13, 2019



I love dogs. I especially love German Shepherds. I so admire K9 dogs that train for our military and/or law enforcement. So I'm so happy to see we get to celebrate and acknowledge the great work not just the dogs do, but their handlers also, with National K9 Veterans Day. 

Today, March 13th, is National K9 Veterans Day. It is the official birthday of the US Army K9 Corps, which was formed in 1942 after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

We have retired military working dog trainer Joseph White who suggested the day to honor the selfless service and sacrifice of the dogs who work alongside American service members.

The Department of Defense says we have over 2,500 dogs serving the nation today. God Bless our K9's soldiers and their handlers and all our military and first responders. How do we celebrate share the info on your social media and let others know about the great work our furry best friends do for his human BFF. 

Make sure you join me weekdays at noon as we honor our military, first responders by playing a patriotic song at noon. ~grace