Adopt Today On National Kitten Day

Perfect day to adopt or foster a kitten or cat!

July 10, 2019
kitten sleeping



While I'm a dog girl, I do like cats. My friends and family many of them own cats. My aunts rescue many of them. Well today is National Kitten Day which makes it a perfect day for anyone to adopt or foster a kitten or cat. 

According to the American Humane Society, 95.6 million cats were owned, while 83.3 million households owned a dog. There is certainly nothing wrong with dogs, but a tiny kitten is irresistible! 

Some ways to celebrate the day:

  • Adopt a kitten! (or foster if you can't adopt) Please connect with our partners at Orange County Animal Services with our Cause for Paws program or any other local county animal service or adoption/rescue service.
  • Volunteer to help kittens at the ASPCA
  • Make plans to host an Uber kitten delivery if available in your area lists some valid reasons why we love National Kitten Day:

  • Checking out kitten photos is actually good for your mental health.
  • Adopting a cat or kitten is good for your health.
  • Kittens are great for children!

Animals bring you so much happiness but they do require time, descipline and lots of care but the reward is the endless unconditional love and joy you get in return. So worth it! ~grace