Apple Warns Old iPhones And iPads May Stop Working This Weekend

Apple is warning old devices must be updated with new software or won't work.

October 30, 2019

My iPhone is a 10 and already slowing down. My iPad is maybe two years old but it locked up on me as I was attempting to update it with new software. So I'm freaking out because I have very much treasured photos and videos of my mom and dad on both these devices. Reading that Apple is now warning iPhone owners that if they have an older version of either of these devices they may stop working all together I hope to get the word out before it locks up on you. 

Apple is warning users of the iPhone 5 and older models that their devices will no longer connect to the internet unless they download iOS 10.3.4 by midnight Saturday. 

Reports say that all web browsing will end if the update is not installed in the older devices. Users will not be able to access emails, the App Store or maps. Apple sent out a fix this past summer however it needs to be installed by Sunday or else users will lose access. 

Devices affected are: iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad with retina display and fourth generation iPads. Great. I don't even know what iPad I own. Sigh. ~grace