Drivers Needed For 2020 Oscar Meyer Wienermobile!

Only 12 lucky recent college grads will be selected for "Hotdoggers!"

January 7, 2020
hot dog



What a great concept! Drive around a big hot dog and see the country, get paid and enjoy yummy hot dogs? Where do I sign up? Here are the detaisl if you're interested.

Are you a recent college graduate? Are you motivated to enter the job market? Can you drive a 27-foot-long hot dog on wheels? Oscar Meyer has been hiring "Hotdoggers" for the past 33 years and it's a highly coveted job. Only 12 persons will be hired for this job in 2020.

The job promises a “competitive” salary, benefits, paid expenses and “team apparel,” as well as the opportunity to be a “mini celebrity" in small towns and big cities through event appearances and media interviews.

Applications being accepted now through Jan. 31. Information on where and how to submit resumes and cover letters can be found here. Good Luck! ~grace