Oviedo Looking Into Adding Apartments To Save Oviedo Mall

New residential adult-community may become part of Oviedo Mall.

October 9, 2019

Until recently, we lived in Oviedo and over the last two decades, we've seen it grow! We've also seen Oviedo Mall struggle and I hate to see the mall empty. Well, there's an idea being floated that may save the mall afterall.

Local 6 reports Oviedo Mall general manager Kevin Hipes, a longtime commercial real estate broker, sees potential in the mall being revitalized into a mixed-use property that would include 55+ adult residential community. Wow. I think that's a great idea!

Hipes explains of the 55 above crowd, "They want to move into a nice apartment where they can live and they can walk to the theaters, walk to the restaurants, walk to all the retail...We have to make this a 24/7-type place." 

Oviedo Mall opened in 1998 but has struggled having to compete with popular nearby shopping centers like Waterford Lakes.  

Hipes said while there are concerns by some city leaders at this time they aren't prepared to share the developers' specific plans or timeline for the Oviedo Mall property.

We see developing residential apartments, townhomes etc adjacent to strip malls all over the place and they seem to be popular. If this idea would help Oviedo Mall, I vote Yes. In the 80's we all "lived at the malls," but now literally, you could LIVE at the mall! ~grace