New Study Finds Dog Owners Live Longer

Study suggests owning a dog linked to healthier life.

October 9, 2019
dog owner



It's something we've read before but more studies proving it may be true, owning a dog leads to a longer healthier life. 

 A new University of Toronto study called "Dog Ownership and Survival" found that dog ownership is associated with a lower risk of death over the long term. 

The study found that dog ownership has been associated with decreased cardiovascular risk, which reenforces a series of studies that has suggested associations of dog ownership with lower blood pressure levels, improved lipid profile and diminished sympathetic responses to stress. 

Anaylizing studies evaluating cardiovascular mortality, "dog ownership conferred a 31 percent risk reduction for cardiovascular death." However, the study also found other factors, such as socioeconomic and overall health status, could influence the mortality estimates.

It's nice to know that owning a dog could lead to a longer, healthier life. I know in our home, we walk our kidz a minimum of twice a day and we go outside to play with them which all leads to us turning off the TV and actually getting up and moving to have fun with our furry kids. If you ask me, all this doggie love is what really makes for a very happy heart! ~grace