People Are Faking Vacation Photos To Make People Jealous

A company actually will make fake vacation photos for you.

April 22, 2019

John Phillips/Getty Images for Insight TV


We've all seen some of our friends awesome vacation photos posted on social media. I live vicariously through my friends because I can't remember the last time I actually took a vacation so I would be so disappointed to find out they lied about their destinations. 

Why would anyone put up fake photos of themselves anyway? Well, there are apparently enough people who would do this because now there is a company that will make your pics look legit.

A survey found that of 14 % of 4,000 Americans surveyed, admitted lying about their fabulous vacations with 10% going that extra step of posting fake photos! So if you fall into that last group for whatever reason, whether to "keep up with the Joneses" or to just make others envious, there is a company that could make your pretend vacay awesome!

Fake-A-Vacation, a photo editing service out of Nebraska, will superimpose your regular photos in front of fake backgrounds, like beaches in Miami, the waters of Niagara Falls and more, all for the purposes of showing off.

And fake vacation pictures are certainly cheaper than going on a real trip, although they are less fun. Packages start at just $19, and all folks have to do is send in their regular photos, with the company suggesting what clothes to wear for the backgrounds they choose.

The need for such fake photos is so big the company is also about to add two more options, FakeATrip, which is designed or celebrites and influencers, and GetMeMotivated, which will create travel images to inspire folks to take trips. 

It's official people...we are now CRAZY! FAKE and CRAZY.  All thanks to social media. ~grace