Pigcasso's Art Selling For Thousands Of Dollars

Rescued South African pig spends her days painting.

March 13, 2019



How adorable is this pig? And artistic to boot? Sweet! 

Meet Pigcasso! She was rescued from a slaughter house and her new owner noticed her love of colors. So she put Pigcasso to work...sort of and Voila! ART!

Her owner says aside from the occasional burst of creativity, Pigcasso spends most of her days eating, strolling, and sleeping. Now that's a life right? But wait, it gets better. Pigcasso's works of art are now selling for almost $4,000 and the best part it goes to animal welfare. In fact, Pigcasso now has a deal with Swiss watchmaker, Swatch, for one of her pieces to be the face of a watch. 

Boy, Pigcasso just put so many of us to shame...oink oink! ~grace