What Is America's Least Favorite Thanksgiving Food Item?

Survey found what foods is least liked at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

November 8, 2019
thanksgiving dinner



I love Thanksgiving! It brings back some beautiful memories growing up. Hearing my mom up early preparing the turkey in our tiny kitchen. The aroma of the pumpkin pies baking. The one food item my mom always had on our Thanksgiving table was cranberries. She loved them. I and the rest of the family did not. So not surprised that cranberries lead the list of least liked Thanksgiving dinner food item.

Harris Poll surveyed about 2,000 people and uncovered a variety of Thanksgiving foods that some secretly dislike but consume for tradition's sake.

The top Thanksgiving food items people aren't crazy about according to the poll:

  • Cranberry sauce: 46 percent said canned cranberry sauce is "disgusting." Same percentage of people bought twice as much canned cranberry sauce than they did fresh cranberry sauce in 2018. While 31 percent of people who buy the canned variety serve it at the table in its tin can shape. Guilty. 
  • Green bean casserole: Many have a love-hate relationship with this side dish. While it ranked second for some reason every year it makes to the dinner table. Maybe that's because the ingredients are easy and common such as cream of mushroom soup and fried onions. In 2018, this green bean casserole ingredients saw a huge saw spike in sales in the three weeks leading up to the holiday. The hubby loves green beans but hates this casserole. 
  • Sweet potatoes: I love when someone else makes sweet potatoes but when I attempt to make them they just aren't yummy. Whatever form of preparing sweet potatoes whether in casserole form or another preparation, sweet potatoes came in third as least liked Thanksgiving dinner item.
  • Pumpkin pie: A 21 percent secretly loathe this traditional Thanksgiving pie. The irony is the pumpkin pie is also by far the most popular pie served on Thanksgiving, with 31 percent saying it is their favorite. Guilty. I love this pie! 
  • Turkey: Whoa how can the star of Thanksgiving make the list of least like dinner item? According to the survey, 30 percent say they have served something other than turkey. However, this poll may be affected by millennials. 42 percent of millennials surveyed say they've served a main dish other than turkey on Thanksgiving. Why does this NOT suprise me. 

What food item is your least favorite on the Thanksgiving dinner? I haven't found an item yet that I don't like. Not sure what that says about me other than I'm grateful to have any food and family and friends. Isn't that what Thanksgiving is all about anyway? Oh by the way, I love cranberry sauce now. It finally clicked for me mom.  ~grace