People Paying $1,200 A Month To Rent Beds In Big Cities

Not a bedroom...a bed!

July 8, 2019
bunk bed



My rent for my first apartment, three bedroom, two bath, back in El Paso, was around $700 late 90's. We moved to Orlando around 2000 and our rent was still affordable around $900. The mortgage on my first home was $1200 and this was right around the housing bubble. Now, I read that rent, much less purchasing, is outragously expensive in big cities that now, people are renting...wait for it... a bed! Seriously? Sad but true. 

Podshare is a company that rents dormitory-style living arrangements in big cities where affordable housing is hard to find, like Los Angeles and San Francisco. For a set fee of $1,200 a month, members can rent a pod for their lodging, which comes with a bed, a locker, access to Wi-Fi, a shelf and a personal TV. They’ll also get to meet fellow residents, and are supplied with foods like cereal and ramen, as well as toiletries.

While this may sound outrageous to some, others find the arrangement beneficial, with one person noting that it’s a better option then being stuck signing a lease for a tiny rental. Another bonus that makes Podshares desirable is that you don’t have as many requirements as you would have if you wanted to rent an apartment. For example, there’s no need for first and last month’s rent, or a good credit score, proof of employment, etc.

Right now there are six locations in Los Angeles and one in San Francisco, but Podshare founder Elvina Beck has dreams of going global with her idea. “The goal is to empower the global citizen and live anywhere across the world for one monthly price,” she says. “A $1,000 a month [membership> should get you a chance to live from here to Taiwan back to Boston. You cover the flight and we'll cover the housing. It's all included."

And I thought 'tiny homes' was a crazy trend!  I need my privacy. I like having a huge shower all to myself. I enjoy my large kitchen and more than that, I love having a huge yard where my big dogs can run and play. Am I materialistic? No. I just like owning and feeling safe in MY BED. Sigh, to each their own right? ~grace