Kohl's Will Take Amazon Returns

No receipt or box needed.

July 15, 2019



I think a big reason I'm leary of shopping online is if I don't like the item, returning it is such a hassle and kind of defeats the whole "convenient" angle of buying online. Well, Amazon has teamed up with Kohls to make that problem go away.

Kohl's will accept Amazon returns in all of its stores and the best part is, no receipt or box is needed to complete the return. Wow! That is awesome! This is not just for Prime Days either, this service was kicked off earlier this summer.

Now, it does require a bit of effort on your behalf. News 6 reports, "According to Kohl's, customers can get a QR code emailed to them from Amazon. A Kohl's staff member will scan the QR code off a cellphone and the return will be processed." For complete details click here.

Well, knowing this, I guess shopping online with Amazon is suddenly a tad more attractive. ~grace