Salvation Army's Red Kettle Campaign Now Accepts Apple Pay And Google Pay

You can now use your debit card or Apple or Google pay to donate!

December 2, 2019



We partner each year with the Salvation Army's Angel Tree program but another way you can help out this holiday season is by donating directly to the Salvation Army's Red Kettle campaign. You know them, we seem them ringing the bell standing by the red kettle all over the place during Christmas season. Well this year, no excuse you don't have any cash on you because now you can use your debit, google or Apple pay! Brilliant huh?

Who carries cash these days? Very few. I know I find myself often without cash or change even. So I love this idea that now you can use your debit card or some other electronic pay form to help out the Salvation Army this year. 

“(The donations) will be used for 300 beds of shelter every single night, 1000 meals, 100 at-risk youth that come hot meal with us every day 319 Seniors that live in our towers a lot of help throughout this community,” Capt. Ken Chapman said.

The donations will help cover the costs of 300 beds of shelter every night, 1,000 meals, and support 100 at-risk youth, Capt. Ken Chapman said.

They do an amazing job and if there is room, everyone is welcomed. This is truly a charity I can support! ~grace