Seminole County Sheriff Officer Helps Homeless Veteran

Deputy Carl Tipton met an elderly veteran sleeping on a park bench in Sanford.

July 28, 2020
elderly man



I know we see homeless people often and I know for me, it not only breaks my heart but I often wonder what happened that got them to this point. I help when I can with either cash, food or I give to our local homeless shelter, Coalition for the Homeless. If we see homeless persons often imagine what our law enforcement officers must see and encounter daily?

The fact is it takes a special person to endure what our LEO's have to deal with every day so when I saw this story on Fox 35 Orlando of Seminole Sheriff Deputy Carl Tipton I was moved immediately. 

Deputy Tipton met a homeless veteran in downtown Sanford sitting on his walker, bible in hand and a suitcase by his side. After speaking with the elderly gentleman Deputy Tipton learned he had been homeless since the beginning of the year and sleeps on a park bench every night. Deputy Tipton knew he had to do something to help this military hero.

Tipton set up a GoFundMe page with a goal of a thousand dollars and was able to find an affordable place for the veteran. However, the response has been incredible so the deputy has decided to increase the amount in hopes of reparing the small trailer home. 

I know there are so many others out there like this elderly gentleman and while we can help many by donating to organizations like One Heart for Women and Children or Coalition for the Homeless, sometimes it feels good to be part of making a change for one person. And whatever you decide to give may be small for you but the love and hope this senor veteran will feel will be huge!  Here is the link to the updated facebook page for your donation. Thank you and God Bless you and as my mom used to say to me, "May Our Lord Bless You with more." ~grace