Instead Of Ticket, Speeders Get "Timeout"

Get caught speeding in Estonia, you will be placed in a 'timeout' before you get driving again.

October 7, 2019
police ticket



Nothing is more nerve wracking than being pulled over by a police officer especially when you know you were speeding! Well, in one country, they're trying something different to encourage drivers to slow down; instead of speeding ticket a speeder will be placed in "timeout." Aww man.

In Estonia, police are now offering drivers the choice between a 45 or 60-minute break rather than a fine if they are caught speeding.The new "timeout" is part of a series of innovative techniques aimed to decrease road accidents. Officers are only allowed to offer this 'timeout' to first time offenders. 

Police officials said, "We are investigating how speeders perceive the fine and the impact of the lost time. We know from interviews with motorists that some people consider having a conversation with a police officer and the time they take to intervene more effectively than fines."

I like the idea. I remember getting placed in time out for talking to much in class. Clearly, it didn't affect me much since I now "talk" for a living therefore, I'm thinking, if you really want your speeding driver to feel the pain...take away their phone. Imagine? Sitting in a parking lot for an hour with no phone? Cruel. Lesson learned baby! ~grace