Woman Stuffed Chicken Nuggets In Bra, Date Finds Them

OMG! Funny but are you guilty of stuffing something in your bra?

March 14, 2019



If we are completely honest, the majority of us women have used our bras for something else other than their original purpose! Guilty! Now, it's never been food, like this woman but I have stuffed some stuff like dog baggies when walking my furry babies. My mom used to every now and then pull money out of her bras! Hmm. Apple.Tree?

A UK mom found herself in one of the most awkward situations imaginable when she stashed some nuggets in her bra on a night out. Anouska Moss, 22, tweeted about incident: “The most embarrassing thing was when I decided to sneak chicken nuggets in to a club so I put them down by bra. Forgot about them, took some lad home with me and he undone by bra and loads of chicken nuggets just came falling out.” Her tweet has gone viral. 

Of course it has. What else is new on social media...food and breasts? That's a certain viral instant success. ~grace