New Research Finds Swearing Really Does Help Relieve Pain

Go ahead and drop a few F-bombs it could help ease the pain.

July 18, 2019
angry man



Holy Cr*#!! Have we been given the green light to swear in public? Well, when pain is involved, yes, according to this new research. 

Researchers from England compared real and made-up expletives to see if there was a link between pain tolerance and uttering one or the other. They found saying a made-up expletive did not alleviate pain in the same way that swearing for real did. Oh, made up, like "SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!" instead of saying SHUT THE...well, you know the rest. 

Study leader and language expert Dr. Richard Stephens explains, “It seems swearing has a strong emotional connection, and this is likely due to the circumstances in which we first hear swear words. […> Repeating the F-word was the best option for increasing tolerance to pain.” Okay, I can see that! 

Growing up we were not allowed to swear in our home. Of course, we did at school or outside playing with our friends. I do have a potty mouth but only around friends and coworkers, I still don't feel comfortable cursing in front of my family. Now, if I was to stub my toe...oh you bet I'd fire off some salty language. And now I have research to back me that it helps with the pain! Fudge yes! ~grace