Video Of Teen Girl Who Placed Dog In Dryer Has Been Identified

Should this teen be charged with animal cruelty?

August 15, 2019



I saw this video on Twitter of this teen girl who thought it was funny to place a little dog in a dryer. She laughed and clapped as the dryer spinned several times. I was livid. I got so angry I began crying. I prayed that this demon would be found. Prayer answered.

Fox News is reporting Dallas police have located the teenage girl who can be seen on video putting a small dog in a clothes dryer and turning it on. The video, originally posted on Instagram, has been circulating on social media since last week. In the video, the teen puts what appears to be a Shih Tzu in a dryer, shuts the door and turns it on for several seconds. She laughs and claps and when she opens the door to the dryer the doggie jumps out scared and disoriented and runs from the room. The teen continues to laugh.

While Dallas Police Department handled the initial call, animal cruelty detectives determined it happened in the suburb of Lewisville.

The Lewisville Police Department said "DPD officers met with our investigators and provided all of the information they gathered in this case. Through their diligent work, DPD identified the individual involved. We will not publicly identify her as she is a minor."

Lewisville police said the animal cruelty case is still in its early stages.

The dog, named Charlie, seen in the video was taken to a veterinarian for an evaluation and then released to its rightful owner. Police have not given an update on the dogs condition.

Reports say the case will likely then be forwarded to the Denton County District Attorney's Office. The DA will then decide if the teen should face any charges.

With the recent shootings, when the past of these killers is examined, their psychotic behavior began in their teens. It appears that's where the mental problems or disrespect for life began. How many times haven't we read of serial killers harming animals as kids and then moving on to people once they were older?

I so hope that charges are brought against this teen. She needs to understand that what she did was despicable and cruel. If they don't charge her now what will she put in the dryer the next time, a little kid? Then they're crying, "why didn't anyone do something?" Now is the time to do something. Do it.  ~grace