Scariest Movies Of All Time

Depending on the list, the scariest movies vary.

October 7, 2019
scary movie



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and apparently so is the defenition of what qualifies a movie to be a "scary movie." Horror movies, suspensful movies, true criminal movies, paranormal movies? How do you define scary?

I love Halloween but I have one rule: no demons; don't ask me why maybe it's the good Catholic girl in me but saying that, that may be why I will never see "The Exorcist." No way Jose!! 

So what are the scariest movies? Well, depends on whose list you click on.

Complex finds Hellraiser, Paranormal Activity and the Blairwitch Project on their list. Ugh, just reading the title of Blairwitch makes me dizzy.

Cosmopolitan has a "Horror Movies To Watch Right Now" list with Heriditary, The Exorcist and The Witch top their list (I see a female theme).

Esquire has the "50 Scariest Movies of All Time" list. They dip back into old school classic movies like Frankenstein (1931) and Freaks a 1932 film I've never heard of but have seen it now on a few lists and am curious to see this movie.

Now I like the Esquire list because it has a variety of what one might think is "scary" everything from the classic Jaws (1971) to Get Out (2017). 

Now Mental Floss has a list of the "Top 20 Scariest Movies" of all time. Their list has a lot of classics like The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) to the French Diabolique (1955) to Ringu (1998).

So what are the scariest movies of all time? I still don't know but these lists give me a lot to consider. Spooky stuff. Just watching the trailers is enough for me! Enjoy!  ~grace