Toys "R" Us Back In Stores For Hands-On Experience

Toys "R" Us offering something ordering online cannot!

November 1, 2019
toy store



I've gotten better at shopping online however, I see where they get you and that's in the return of items! It's easy to take an item back to a store and exchange it or get your money refunded but it's a pain having to mail something back! I lose so much money this way. I prefer to see and touch something I'm considering buying. Well, when it comes to toys for kids, I can see parents preferring to see and feel the toys with their kids as well.

Toys "R" Us is returning to select malls in some cities this holiday season with what it hopes is an innovative retail plan that could upend how stores sell toys.

This plan comes just two years after the toy company filed for bankruptcy and closed all its locations. However this has made an impact on toy companies. Hasbro reported disappointing third-quarter sales heading into the industry's most crucial sales season while Mattel, enjoyed a sales surge of 3% over the same period. Both toy companies' success was obviously tied to Toys "R" Us stores.

The new Toys "R" Us stores are about 6,500 square feet, with interactive spaces where kids and parents can play with toys. I like this! The new Toys "R" Us website features fewer toys, but gives more details on them. 

While I may not have shopped recently at Toys "R" Us, I was still sad to hear that they closed their stores so I'm happy to see they're back, even if it's in smaller way. Kids need to see and touch toys! Parents need to review toys in person as well. Congratulations Toys "R" Us, welcome back! ~grace