Traveling Vietnam Wall In Central Florida

See the official replica of the Vietnam Wall in Lady Lake and Apopka.

November 2, 2018
Vietnam Wall



War memorials to me are sacred and should all be seen at least once in your life time however, not many have the means to travel to see these revered memorials. The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall is one of those memorials that makes it possible for Americans to see it in a city near you. 

Right now, in Central Florida, is the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall.

Today through Monday, you can see the replica memorial at Lady Lake soccer fields on Rolling Acres Road.

The exhibit then moves to Apopka, where it will be on display starting Nov. 8 at Kit Land Nelson Park, 10 N. Forest Ave., a few blocks north of City Hall. The Apopka exhibit ends Nov. 12.

You will find names of fallen soldiers on the replica listed by day of death.

As we head to the polls this November 6th take a moment and honor our American soldiers. ~grace

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