Where's The Beef Burger King?

BK testing a beefless Whopper.

April 2, 2019



Who doesn't love the aroma coming from a Burger King grilling their Whoppers as you drive by? I know it hits me each time! Well now, BK is testing out a vegan burger called the Impossible Whopper where the patty is beefless! WHAT? Blasephemy! 

Burger King really is selling meatless Whoppers. The fast-food company announced on April 1st that it's testing a soy-based meat patty, dubbed the "Impossible Whopper," in 59 restaurants in the St. Louis metropolitan area and no, it's not an April Fools joke.

While I can appreciate a variety of foods especially for any persons who are vegetarian or vegan, I always find to be suspicious after reading more into why more restaurants are starting to push beefless choices and it always goes back to a political agenda and that turns me off. But that's me. 

Will I try it? Sure. But I'll be honest, I do love the BK Whopper just the way it is. Don't change it BK please! ~grace