Walmart Will Begin Direct Delivery To Your Fridge!

Are you okay with someone restocking your fridge?

June 10, 2019

Minerva Studio


I haven't jumped on the groceries being delivered bandwagon yet. I enjoy selecting my food and just don't trust anyone else doing something so personal to me for me. However, I can see where this is a great idea and now, Walmart is taking it to the next step placing your groceries away for you!

Last week the retailer debuted its "InHome Delivery" service, in which a Walmart associate acts as a personal shopper by delivering grocery orders to private homes. reports that Walmart's InHome Delivery will kick off this fall in Kansas City, Pittsburgh, and Vero Beach, covering a population of nearly 1 million customers. Walmart execs say they will learn from the early roll outs of InHome Delivery and grow from there.

"Here’s how InHome works: A Walmart shopper places their grocery order on the website or app and upon checking out they select InHome Delivery and the day they want the items delivered. Next, Walmart uses its existing online grocery personal shoppers to pick and prepare the order, and the customer receives a status update along the way. A “vetted” associate who has been with the company for at least a year picks up the order and delivers it to the customer’s home. The associate uses smart access technology to enter the garage or kitchen. That person will have a wearable camera on their chest that acts as a “physical check” or two-step verification, and won’t be able to access the home if the camera is not streaming or recording. The customer can watch remotely as the order is placed in the refrigerator, and they also get access to a replay. The associate will then lock the door or close the garage and notify the customer."

While right now I don't think I would use this delivery service, I can however see many, especially elderly or others like working parents, using this service. Kudos to Walmart for once again staying competive and looking ahead! ~grace